Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival Apr. 25--28, 2019

Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival

The Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival, established in 2008, is a four-day poetry festival in deep South Texas held concurrently in two countries on the last full weekend in April. You don't need to register in order to submit to our anthology, Boundless. We feed you dinner on Saturday night as part of the Poetry Pachanga--the event that started it all. V.I.P.F. is a program of 
Art That Heals, Inc., and  El Zarape Press, with sponsorship from by Creative Alignment Consulting and the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and welcomes poets from around the world.

12th Annual V.I.P.F.

Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival

Apr. 25--28, 2019

LATE REGISTER NOW: $40 (ends Apr. 26, 2019)


If you prefer, please e-mail VIPF at for an e-mail attachment of this registration form. If you mail it in, it MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN the date listed above. (You may opt to pay VIPF in person at our events--if you make arrangements.)

Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival (VIPF) LATE Registration Form

Non-refundable LATE Registration Fee:  covers registration, which includes multiple reading opportunities (Thursday anthology, Friday schools, Friday night slam contest, and Saturday readings and Pachanga); also includes entry to workshops, panels, and events. But wait, there’s more!

Register early for Poets In The Schools, competition in the Poetry Slam on Friday, and at other opportunities.
You will also receive*:

  • a t-shirt with the names of the featured and/or early registered poets on back--preferred sizes while supplies last

  • dinner and reading on Saturday @ Poetry Pachanga XIII (private dinner for poets [& paid guests--extra]!)

  • a listing in the online program

  • *must be present at the festival to receive the shirt

  • NOTE: less opportunities to read for late registrants

Please make out check or money order to: "Art That Heals.”

Add $10 for dinner for a guest—your meal is included. Also, add $ for larger shirt sizes or extra shirts (see below). E-mail guest names or note about shirts, etc. (Must be ACTUALLY RECEIVED BY DUE DATE) non-refundable LATE fee to:

VIPF 2019
1413 Jay Ave.
McAllen, TX 78504

Name *
Address *
Phone *
If you have a poetry related site, blog, book, etc., please add info here.
(All sizes Adult)
Write a three or four-sentence bio. Please be brief, as these will be published online and/or on program. Max: 100 words. Write in the 3rd Person if possible, to aid in introduction.
Dinner Plans *
Special Needs *
Travel Plans *
(Flight #/Date/Time/From/To):
Lodging *
Venues & Placement *
Things to consider: In order to place you in an appropriate venue, please honestly answer the questions below. The organizers of VIPF and our venues, partners, planners and volunteers reserve the right to remove you from the program, venue, stage, festival, etc., if you misrepresent yourself or disrespect the language-appropriate requests of our venues.
School Readings *
I am interested in doing a reading at a public school on Friday, Apr. 26, for
Workshops *
Please e-mail a description of the workshop to (Describe intended audience and purpose, requirements, etc.)
Poetry Panel *
Please e-mail a description of the one-hour Panel and names of three-to-four poets participating to (Describe intended audience and purpose, requirements, etc.)
Poetry Slam *
Open to registered poets only:
Terms and Conditions As part of your registration, you must agree that: • the registration fee and anthology submission fee are non-refundable. • any photograph or video of your performance may be used by VIPF for promotional purposes. • we are not liable or responsible for any lost or stolen items. VIPF, its founders, planners, volunteers, and their partners and agents are not liable for problems resulting from participation in the festival, travel, carpooling, lodging and/or from any issues related to arrangements made between private individuals. I have read, understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions.
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